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No one knew that the young siblings in C.S Lewis’ Narnia actually were of royal ancestry. The same is true for us Christians. We are also of royal ancestry – because our deepest affiliation is as sons and daughters in the kingdom of Messiah!

St Paul speaks of God’s kingdom as something quite different from laws and regulations. But what do these words mean?

God’s kingdom – is a kingdom which bears the stamp of its king – God himself! And through the king’s son Messiah, every believer shares in the power and dignity of the kingdom.

It is also filled with question marks. When? Where? How?
We simply have to accept that much is still hidden to us. Perhaps God wants to entice us to peek into the ‘enchanted wardrobe’, like the siblings in Narnia, and find a whole new world…

Imagine – already now we can live in God’s wonderful kingdom and even more so later…

St Paul gives three wonderful words for God’s kingdom which, like the words on the jewelry, act as small windows to God’s kingdom, where we can peek in:

  1. Righteousness – a person which is completely pure and good in all feelings, thoughts, and acts. But can anyone be completely perfect? The answer: only God.
    When Jesus steps down to the unrighteous humanity, he becomes the only righteous person and he chooses to die so that we can become righteous (Romans 3.26). An impossibility that God makes possible! What a gift!
  2. Peace – a state of harmony and tranquility. For a Christian, this peace is rooted in the knowledge that I am saved, that God already has guaranteed my future with him. Nothing can threaten me or scare me. I am content with what I have – because I have already gained everything – an eternal life with God! Only God gives true peace…
  3. Joy in the Holy Spirit – a laughter from God in my heart! The joy that is independent of outer circumstances in my life and therefore unthreatened and eternal.

God is the giver and reason for the joy. When I listen to God’s voice I hear words about his great love and I find: the bubbling, life-giving source to so much good – divine joy in me!

Three words that at the same time are:
Gifts – to thankfully receive as signs of God’s grace.
And struggles – goals to strive for a more holy life.

Proudly, we can wear the words as a sign of our membership in God’s kingdom! And every day explore more about the secrets of God’s kingdom… We peek in and see!”

Elin Lycklund Ljunggren, Priest

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